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I work with women who feel like they have lost themselves because of competing pressures from work, family, friends and so on. Women who need and want to reclaim their health. Together, we will change how you view what you put into your body to see that is as important as how you view your body. Do you need to set boundaries on how you let others view you or set expectations of you?

The word ‘holistic’ means taking into account the whole person including the mental and social influences in their lives and not just the physical aspects. Therefore, what we think about our bodies, what we allow as personal boundaries with respect to others’ expectations of us … is just as important as what we put into our bodies.

Who I am

Welcome! My name is Adriana and I’m a Certified Nutritionist through Precision Nutrition.  My passion has always been holistic health and wellness and I strive to constantly learn more, keep up with trends and try to be on the forefront of how we can feel better.  As a busy mom of 4, I understand the pressures of daily life and trying to stay motivated enough to take care of yourself. Together we can find sustainable ways for you to become the healthiest version of yourself. I will guide you toward a healthier lifestyle to achieve your personal goals.

Career Start

I understand the struggles many women experience. I have been blessed with four wonderful children, who have been my world and focus for most of my adult life. As grateful as I am, I realized that I was working so hard to be the best mother,  daughter, sister, auntie, friend .. (you get the idea) I could be that I lost myself in the process. I was ensuring everyone else was getting good nutrition and care, but somehow forgot about myself. I needed to reboot, re-energize and get back to my own health so I could still perform all those roles, but feel better about myself in the process. That is how I began my own journey and why I have a passion today for the work I do.

Loving and caring for yourself is NOT selfish


My Experience

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